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Slow-release carbohydrate offers a low glycemic option

Smoky Mountain Times - 8/31/2017

Carbohydrates are loved and hated by those living with Diabetes. They taste great and are the main source of energy and the only nutrients that directly impact blood sugar level.

Since this is a large population in WNC, I wanted to share some information that I hope is new to our readers. In reading Diabetes Health Magazine, I came across this quote, "What if there was a carbohydrate out in the wild that is naturally derived and fully available with low glycemic benefits? We found one and the substance's brand is palatinose.

It's known more generally as isomaltulose and it offers a fascinating blend of benefits. First off, it's derived from the sugar beet. No test-tube origins here. Secondly, it actually provides the same overall energy as an equivalent amount of sugar or starch, but it's absorbed much more slowly by the body."

According to researchers, its digestion by our body's enzymes is some four to five times slower compared to sucrose. That delay makes all the difference?it takes longer for the carbohydrates to be absorbed, blood glucose levels do not rise that much, benefiting the subsequent improved metabolism.

This is especially true for Type 2 diabetics, who can experience increased insulin resistance when frequently consuming large amounts of simple, quickly digested carbohydrates.

But isomaltulose doesn't just benefit those with Type 2 diabetes. Its slow-release effects, as shown in multiple scientific studies, can also benefit patients with Type 1 diabetes.

It can provide a useful support while exercising, for example. That long-lasting energy release could help to stabilize blood sugar levels while exercising and thereafter and might prevent the need for some emergency glucose tablets.

It's important to note, of course, that just because a carbohydrate like Isomaltulose offers such broad benefits, you shouldn't double the consumption of foods containing it. The key is never to use such as an aid as an excuse for binging.

Where can you find isomaltulose? In terms of products aimed at diabetics, isomaltulose can be found in Glucerna 1.2 Cal and Glucerna 1.5 Cal, two specialized nutrition products for enhanced glycemic control.

People with diabetes who are careful about what they put in their body have to be picky about the sources of carbohydrates consumed.

Isomaltulose gives you another option.


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