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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An endorsement for Paul Heroux

The Sun Chronicle - 9/12/2017

To the editor:

I am a member of the North Attleboro Commission on Disabilities. I met Paul Heroux when he spoke to the Commission to help educate us on the way legislation works. I was impressed with this man's knowledge and passion for government and the people of Attleboro.

He was embarrassed to admit that a city the size and importance of Attleboro did not have a Commission to support its disabled citizens. Despite the urging of the Massachusetts Office of Disabilities for all cities in the Commonwealth to have such a commission of citizens to support the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), the current mayor has actively discouraged the formation. Eager volunteers have tried to give of their time and talents to such a board, but have been unable to get any help from Kevin Dumas.

One of the planks in Paul Heroux's platform is the formation of a body of citizens to be an advisory panel.

I support Paul Heroux for mayor for this and many other reasons.

Trini Luckey


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