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Police sergeant charged with domestic abuse

The Chronicle - 6/13/2018

A New Bedford police sergeant is charged with choking a woman he had been seeing during a domestic dispute Sunday at her home, according to court records.

Carlos M. Taveira, 42, of Dartmouth is charged with assault and battery on a household member, a misdemeanor; and strangulation or suffocation, which is a felony, court records say.

He was arraigned Friday in New Bedford District Court and released on $1,000 cash bail with the provision that he could be held without bail if he is charged with any new offenses while this case is pending, according to court records.

Judge Edward H. Sharkansky also issued stay-away and no-contact orders and ordered the officer to surrender his firearms to the New Bedford Police Department, court records say. The victim was also granted a restraining order for a year, the district attorney's office said. The case was continued until Aug. 9 for a pre-trial hearing in New Bedford District Court.

Police Chief Joseph C. Cordeiro would not discuss the sergeant's status with the department when contacted Friday afternoon. "We are conducting an internal investigation and we don't discuss personnel matters," he said.

Taveira and his attorney, Michael Medeiros of New Bedford, could not be reached for comment.

The charges stem an incident early Sunday and later that night at the woman's Dartmouth home, court records say. She and Taveira initially reported they only argued and there was no physical abuse. The incident, though, triggered an internal probe by New Bedford police and the woman then said he choked her.

The woman was brought Thursday by New Bedford police to the Dartmouth Police Station, where she reported the abuse to Dartmouth police. After she made her statements, Dartmouth police requested a warrant for Taveira's arrest and he surrendered Friday morning in New Bedford District Court.

The victim said they decided to end their relationship on May 29, but Taveira was waiting in her driveway when she came home with her date about 2:30 a.m. Sunday and he was upset she was with another man, court records say. Taveira blocked her street with his vehicle and got into a "pushing match" with her date before returning to his vehicle and leaving.

The victim said Taveira came to her home later that night about 8 p.m. and he was upset she was with someone else, court records say. He became "enraged" and grabbed her neck with both hands and was squeezing her throat area with his thumbs and pushed her backwards through the house and onto a couch.

She had difficulty breathing and began to pass out, court records say. She believes she was kicking at him and could not get away or remove his hands from her throat. She said Taveira released her and she ran into the bathroom with her phone and locked the door.

From inside the bathroom, she messaged, called and texted a New Bedford police officer, who contacted Dartmouth police, court records say. Taveira picked the bathroom door lock with a fork and Dartmouth officers arrived. Taveira answered the door and when the victim told Dartmouth police she wanted him to leave, officers escorted Taveira from the residence.


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