Some Facts About Service Delivery

Services are available from a comprehensive array of community organizations or agencies. These agencies may independently provides services, collaborate with other local agencies on services or they may contract with each other or with outside vendors, such as the State. Other services may only be available on a cash- pay basis. This Services section of the Tarrant Cares web site has been designed to help you determine which services are offered by which agencies and how best to access those services.

Coordinating Services

MHMRTC was designed to be a community focal point for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Their primary functions include lifelong planning and coordination of needed services, whether generic or through private providers. In addition to developing and/or identifying services, MHMRTC may purchase certain services that are not available through other sources. A key consideration: rather than the client fitting the available services, all services must meet the specific needs of the unique individual.

Fostering Independence

IDD services in Tarrant County focus on helping people with developmental disabilities become as independent as possible. Services are designed to assist clients and families in decision-making, finding and utilizing resources, broadening their support systems, and advocating for their rights. The key word is "assist." The purpose is not to foster dependence, but rather to ensure that clients and families are equipped to help themselves effectively and productively. Self direction and independence are core values into today's world of services and supports.

Developing Natural Supports

Providers and professionals in the field of IDD help clients and families utilize such resources as businesses, legislators, volunteer and generic services, education programs and self-help groups, as well as neighbors and family members. These "natural" supports are important elements in the planning process that address the needs of each individual.

Services from A to Z

Together with your family, friends and support agencies, you can work to develop your own Person Directed Plan (PDP), which will identify the specific services needed to help reach your goals. Because the services and supports community tailors services to fit the individual, you may receive any, all, or few of the services described throughout the Tarrant Cares web site. It would be impossible to name every service that might be available, so the services found in the Tarrant Cares web site, while comprehensive, does not cover every possible service. However, there are many resources and links that can assist you in exploring other possibilities.