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  • HB 2895 - Romero, Jr.
    Relating to law enforcement policies for peace officer response to certain family violence offenses.
    03/04/2021 - Filed
  • HB 2910 - Goodwin
    Relating to the imposition of a sales tax on ammunition, firearms, and firearms accessories to provide funding for the family violence program in the Health and Human Services Commission.
    03/04/2021 - Filed
  • HB 404 - Hernandez
    Relating to sexual assault and domestic violence awareness continuing education for cosmetology license holders.
    03/10/2021 - Scheduled for public hearing on . . .
  • SB 1109 - West
    Relating to requiring public schools to provide instruction and materials and adopt policies relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence, and dating violence.
    03/05/2021 - Filed
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