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Teach Your Child to read, write and Speak a new Language

Author: Jano India (Jano India)
Posted: 03/23/2012 @ 5:39 am

Reasons why a child should learn a new language

  • The obvious one being they end up knowing a New Language
  • It sharpens a childs intellect when he learns a new language early
  • It is better than spending time in front of the television
  • Children meet new kids, learn new culture and it is different from regular school
  • It will help in the future while working, travelling, reading and communicating
  • You can develop interest early in cultures, religion and global knowledge increases
  • It is good mind exercise!
  • The process is fun when doing with other kids

Author: Jano India (Jano India)
Posted: 03/26/2012 @ 7:16 pm

U.S Hindi Association, USHA believes that learning about Hindi language and culture can be fun for all children when taught under its guidelines. Children learn very quickly once they are given the right tools, right guidance and the right environment suitable for the subject. USHA goes to great lengths to design and develop enticing books, workbooks, manipulative and supplemental materials that offer the child better, faster learning capabilities. USHA is committed to providing the highest standard of teaching aides, student materials and learning tools. The association constantly improves and adds strategies and tools to make Hindi learning more fun and easy.

Author: Jano India ( Social Network of Care )
Posted: 03/29/2012 @ 4:49 am

Let your child celebrate incredible India! Enroll him/her (and siblings, too) in Camp Jano India and give them a fun-filled summer experience where they can learn to speak conversational Hindi and about the rich culture that is India.

Hindi in the Mornings (9:30am – 12noon)

  • No prior knowledge required for the Beginner Group
  • Those with prior exposure will be in Intermediate or Advanced group
  • Focus is on spoken Hindi through activities, games, stories and drama
  • They will be exposed to reading and writing of Hindi language at their level
  • Each week has unique content according to the theme of the week

Indian Culture in the Afternoons(1:00pm - 4:00pm)

  • Each week has  new theme!
  • Conducted in English, children learn about India through structured and fun interactive activities.
  • The activities and projects are specific to the theme of this week.
  • Drama and theatre are the highlights and means to put together the essence of that week!
  • There are so many activities and projects planned that we will run out of time!
  • Children will discover something new about India everyday.
  • Each minute the kids will be enthralled to learn new things and explore about India, the culture, land, people, arts, cuisine and more!
  • Children really begin to appreciate their heritage.
  • They will get answers to their questions which they always had.
  • They will become proud to be Indian and be able to tell their school friends as to what India really is. It is not the land of tigers, elephants and snake charmers! It is truly incredible in its contribution to the World!

Author: Jano India (Jano India)
Posted: 04/04/2012 @ 3:52 am

Programs and Services

  • Jano Hindi Program – After-school classes for all ages, children and adults
  • Camp Jano India – Summer camp incorporating all aspects of India and its culture
  • Jano Hindi (Local) – Franchise option for those interested in starting a Jano Hindi school in other cities/regions across America (call for more information)