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It seems as though you have to be of a certain class to get quality mental health services

Author: Christine (Anne Arundel md)
Posted: 04/19/2012 @ 1:15 pm

My 15 year old daughter has been struggling with an emotional disability, among other issues, and has been hospitalized numbers times for self injury, and for violence/aggression towards me. It seems as though many of the good services in our area are only available to children who are on Medicaid.  I believe it is a crooked system that I am employed and maintain private insurance through my employer and yet my child is told that she needs to be on Medicaid to get help.  There are "waiver" programs and wrap-around programs in my area in which my daughter is on the waiting list, and once she is an active participant in these programs she'll have access to other services that she normally would not.....but she may never come off of the waiting list.  Right now, her own therapist refuses to see her anymore until she receives more intensive help that she is unable to provide.  I wonder how many other parents out are experiencing my grief, and have any tips or advice that can help. 

btw...we had an IEP meeting at her school this week and have been "approved" to go into the next step, which is the assessment phase.  Once completed, her school has to have a plan in place by 6/15/12, so this plan won't benefit her really until next school year.

Author: Anonymous (Ventura County)
Posted: 11/05/2018 @ 1:29 am
I have seen the mental health care system and from what I have seen would make you sick. I think the better your insurance is the longer they keep them, and keep them all drugged up and every time it get's worse! They use them like ginny pigs trying new drugs They cannot asses someone when they can't even stand up straight, because they inject them with who knows what to shut them up until their insurance runs out, they send them home and give them pills a horse would fall over if taken, what test are they giving them? oh you are bipolar, wow give them bipolar meds, then see what bipolar is oh I guess that did not work wow so 16 different diagnosis and 16 different sets of meds and with all the abuse on drugs in our country and these so called Drs just hand out these mental meds like candy and without any test to really see what is wrong with your child, the problem is the drugs they give them. And the whole system, they take a drug then after awhile it does not work so hey lets try this one and the whole time what is the diagnosis? And how did you come up with it when they are so drugged up they don't know their own name, and say their brain hurts from all the shots the hold them down for. They call them selves Doctors and if you have to be poor to get good help or a good Dr. I guess after watching your daughter die from the inside out, not being able to sleep eat breath because you have no idea what they are doing to her because every time you visit it is another lie. Its real funny how she almost is normal right when her insurance runs out then she can come home, but by that time when all the drugs they gave her wear off and the new drugs she gets that are not even right. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR ANY OF THE MENTAL WARDS THAT HAND OUT PILLS LIKE CANDY, YOU CANNOT GET A TRUE DIAGNOSES WHEN THEY ARE PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS and if you have to be poor to get the right help thru the state, well now we see why our whole society is all messed up and kids go into schools shooting kids look at their back grounds they were probably all on meds, at some point, and it is getting worse now teachers tell a parent I think your kid is adhd in 2nd grade wow you better run and get them on meds really, that is the problem these kids need a better diet, a job that understands the day care issues, the doctors who hand out candy after a 10 min. appt with a kid, because you cannot asses a dog in that time, and when I say kid I say anyone under 25 because they may be legal at 18 but just because they are a little depressed because of hormones or school, or just plain old life problems, ya give them pills and you will be guaranteed you will get a new patient for life, if they don't kill them selves first, or someone else because you get a kickback from the pharmaceutical company's. And all the 3rd and 4th graders on adhd meds did you tell the parents what happens when they turn 16 17 or 18 how they have to be weened off those drugs, or give them more of something else, until you do not even know your kid? i have seen those kids in school and run into them now and then and wow you really did a great job. Parents i would never give my kid 1 pill without getting 3 different opinions and doing tons of research, yes kids have behavioral problems but they will grow out of it. If they are cutting on them selves their is a problem that they were probably hurt in a different way, and no pill will help that, because they either block it out or they want to feel and they them selves do not understand why. And for the mom or man who thanks having good insurance or if they think the county can give them better service, the Drs. their always have another office they work out of , or say you have no insurance, like everyone else I have no insurance now, lost every thing companies do not like if you take fmla , and then when their on all those drugs you can't leave them alone. I say let the Doctors who hand out the meds let them try the pills for a week and see how it helps, I am sure their are Doctors out their with some of the conditions depression, bipolar and what ever other diagnose they hand out But do not use the kids like ginny pigs, because its not helping at all. And you took an oath to do no harm. And for the anger issue question below she hits you because she is angry you did not protect her, and drugs and hospitals will not help with that, she got hurt by someone and does not know how to tell you or does not remember and blocked it out,.If you have to send her to a camp in another state that does not give drugs but emotional therapy, I know that will be the hardest choice in your life but she could be better in 3 or 6 months its better then 5 or 6 years like me and now from all the drugs and hospitals she will never be the same. I pray for all these wonderful children, and the families until something changes it will only get worse.