As Your Baby Grows

Babies need consistent, loving care to reach their full potential. A happy and secure baby is ready to learn.
Babies learn by exploring with their mouths and hands. Your baby needs things to touch, grasp, push and safely put in her mouth. Make your home ready for your baby. Create a calm, safe place so she can play freely and actively. Play with her as much as you can. Your baby learns more from playing and being with you than from anything else.

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

When she's awake, let your baby play on her tummy to strengthen her neck and arm muscles.

Helping Your Baby Learn

  • Give your baby a calm, safe environment, so he can explore freely.
  • Imitate your baby's sounds and gestures and let your baby copy you.
  • Try not to interrupt your baby when he is in the middle of making a discovery, as long as he is safe.
  • Talk, read, sing and play with your baby—it's how he learns. Call National Parent Info Network. Visit

Take Time to Play with Your Baby

Set aside relaxed moments when you can sit on the floor and do what your child wants to do. Create places where she can safely move around and explore.

Things You Can Do

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Show Your Love

  • Crying is How Babies Communicate
    When you show love—through care, affection, play and gentle guidance—your baby feels secure.

Playing Is the Way to Teach

  • Playing Is the Way to Teach
    Your baby’s brain develops faster in his first year than at any other time of life. Your baby learns through seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, smelling and moving. He learns through stories, songs, rhymes and games, such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake. When you mirror his coos and smiles, your baby gains self-esteem. When he looks away or fusses, it is time to stop playing. Visit