Being a Parent

Being the parent of an infant is a very special experience. You are the center of your baby’s world. Your love and care give your baby the security she needs to develop loving relationships and reach her full potential.
Your baby needs time to get to know her parents. And you need time to get to know your baby. The bond you form with your baby is the foundation for the love and guidance she will need from you as she grows.
With the birth of a new baby, family ties are more important than ever. Children benefit from the love and attention of many caring adults. And you benefit from the support of family and friends.

Your Relatives and Friends

Being a Parent You want to share your baby, but you also need time to get to know her. Ask for help with chores and errands so you can be with your infant as much as you can. And don’t be afraid to tell friends and relatives when you’ve had enough visitors.

When Baby Makes Three

Having a baby can change the relationship between parents. Both of you may be tired and irritable. You may have less time for each other and be less interested in sex. And you may not always have the same ideas about parenting.
Try to be patient and flexible. Spend time together enjoying your new baby. Talk to each other about how to handle crying, sleeping and other baby care issues.

Things You Can Do

Where to Find Help

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What About Siblings?

  • What about siblings?
    Prepare your children for the new baby and let them share in the excitement. Teach them to be gentle with the baby—but never leave an infant alone with a young child.
    Make sure each of your children feels loved and special. Try to keep routines for older children. Don’t start child care or preschool for a sibling now. He may feel the new baby is replacing him.

For Grandparents

  • For Grandparents
    If you are helping to raise your grandchildren, you may want to find a support group or grandparent resource center. For information for grandparents, visit