If Your Child Has a Disability or Special Need

Things You Can Do

Services for Children with Disabilities or Special Needs

  • California Children’s Services can arrange for specialty care for children with some costly medical conditions. Find out if you qualify. Call your Health Department or visit
  • For services for children with vision or hearing disabilities, call California Early Start or Disability Services.
  • For services for infants with hearing loss, call Newborn Hearing Screening.
  • For support from other parents of children with disabilities, call your local Family Resource Center. To find it, call California Early Start.
  • For services for children with developmental disabilities, call your Regional Center. To find it, call California Early Start.
  • See if your clinic or health plan has a social worker who can help you get services.
  • For child care and preschool programs.

Financial Help

Your child may qualify for Social Security or Medi-Cal even if your family doesn’t. Call Social Security.

Legal Help

  • For legal help, call Protection & Advocacy or visit
  • Family Voices is a national organization that advocates for the health care needs of children with disabilities. Call Family Voices.
  • Area Boards advocate for children and adults with developmental disa- bilities. To find your Area Board, call California Early Start.

Learn More About Your Child’s Disability

Go to your local library and find out all you can. For more information, visit and