Things You Can Do

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid, calcium and iron. Folic acid can reduce your risk of having a baby with serious spinal problems. Try to start at least a month before you become pregnant. Talk to your doctor or call March of Dimes.

To Have a Healthy Baby

  • Take time to rest each day. It’s normal to be tired.
  • Talk and sing to your baby. Even before birth, babies can hear and learn the sounds of language.
  • Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.
  • Morning sickness? Eat small amounts as often as you can.
  • For low-cost health insurance, call AIM Program.
  • Testing and treatment for HIV and STDs can prevent problems for your baby. Call Mother and Infant Health or STD/HIV Hotline.
  • If you have a disability. Call National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities or visit


  • If you start to bleed, get medical help right away.
  • Can’t stop drinking, smoking or using drugs? Get help!
  • Stressed? Feeling bad? Long periods of stress or depression may affect your developing baby. Talk to your doctor.
  • If there’s violence at home.
  • Not ready to be a parent? Talk to someone you trust or a confidential pregnancy counselor. Call Planned Parenthood. You can give your baby up confidentially in the first 72 hours after birth. Call Safe Arms.

Time Off from Work

Find out about Family Medical Leave and State Disability Insurance (SDI) benefits for pregnant women and new parents.