More About Child Care

Things You Can Do

Stay in Close Contact with Your Child’s Provider

  • Check in briefly each day.
  • Leave notes about special issues.
  • Plan a private meeting every few months to talk about your child’s development and discuss your concerns.
  • Talk about important issues, such as discipline or school readiness.
  • Share stories about your child’s home activities.
  • Work together to resolve any problems.
  • Drop in unannounced from time to time, to make sure all is well.

Ready for School

Quality child care prepares your child for school. Look for a provider who will help your child explore and learn at her own pace. Make sure she encourages your child’s interests and language development with toys, books, puzzles, art projects and games. For more ideas on school readiness call National Parent Info Network. Visit

If Your Child Is Sick

Don’t bring a sick child to child care. Make a plan, so that if your child is sick or gets sick at child care, you have back-up care. Make sure the provider has phone numbers where you can be reached. Most employees can use their own sick leave to care for an ill child. If that is not possible, you will need to find a relative or friend who can care for your child.

Support Quality Child Care

  • Get involved in your child’s program.
  • Know your child care program’s staffing policies.
  • Support fair salaries for child care providers.
  • Volunteer for your Parent Advisory Committee, or start one.
  • Encourage staff development and training.