Managing Stress and Depression

Family, traffic, work, money—daily life can be full of nonstop stress that wears us down. Some events are very stressful, like a divorce, a disaster, the death of someone you love or the loss of a job. Even happy events, like the birth of a baby, can be stressful.

Ignoring the signs of stress or depression can lead to problems, even serious illness. It is important to reach out and talk to family or friends. Think about where your stress comes from and what you can do to manage it. If you don’t feel better soon or if you feel you can’t cope, get help from a mental health professional. You and your loved ones are worth the effort.

Managing Stress and Depression

Tips for Managing Stress

  • Think about what stresses you. Make a list.
  • Don’t try to change everything at once. Start with something small.
  • Slow down. Breathe slowly. Focus on what’s going well.
  • Keep a sense of humor.
  • Make some time for yourself every day.
  • Avoid getting into debt. Don’t buy what you cannot pay for.
  • Stand up for yourself. Be assertive.
  • Exercise to reduce stress.
  • For tips on balancing work and family.

Things You Can Do

Where to Find Help

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Postpartum Depression

  • Healthy Families

    Anita says, “I felt sad and weepy for weeks after my daughter was born. When I talked to my doctor and saw a counselor, I learned that I had post-partum depression. And I got help.”

    Many new mothers feel teary,
    anxious or upset after the birth of their baby. These feelings are often called “postpartum blues.” The blues may last about 2 weeks and are not serious.
    Postpartum depression, however,
    is serious. Left untreated, it can last for months or even years and keep you from forming a close bond with your baby. If you have strong feelings of anxiety or de-pression, or you’ve felt depressed in the past, get help right away. There are medications for depression that are safe to take while you are nursing. Talk to your
    doctor or call your county Mental Health Department. Call Postpartum Support International or visit