Helping Children Get Along

Your children learn from your example. If you show that you can disagree without getting angry or violent, they learn to respond that way too. If you show that you won’t tolerate acts of aggression, prejudice or hate, they won’t either.

If your child is being bullied or treated badly, he needs your support. Listen to your child and take the problem seriously.

Juki and Suki Jacob and Suki have become good friends. This experience will help them learn respect for people from different cultures.

Learning New Skills
When Kasim and Joshua start to fight, their dad helps them solve their problems peacefully.

Sibling Rivalry

  • It’s natural for children to disagree and fight. Give them a chance to work things out. Step in when either child could get hurt.
  • Teach your children to take turns.
  • Children often compete for a parent’s love and attention. Try not to com-pare them or favor one child over another.
  • Let your children know that they are each unique and loved.
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  • Try to spend some time alone with each child. Time alone with grand-parents and other adults is also good for children.

Things You Can Do

Where to Find Help

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Bullying and Teasing

  • Children who are bullied or teased a lot may grow up feel- ing worthless, angry or hopeless. They may learn to bully others.
    If your child tells you he is be-ing picked on, take it seriously. Try to work it out with teachers, parents and the other children. Make sure the bullying stops, even if you have to change your child’s class or playgroup.
    Children who bully others should be taught other ways to resolve conflicts. If you see this kind of aggression in your child, talk to a counselor or teacher. Act now—
    it is easier to change your child’s behavior when he is young. Call Counseling.

Skills to Get Along

  • Skills to Get Along
    Children need many social skills to be ready for kindergarten. Help your child learn to wait, take turns, listen, share, make friends and follow simple directions.