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A Florida child needed constant care. His nurse indulged in self-care, the state says

Miami Herald - 2/15/2021

Feb. 15—A Jacksonville licensed practical nurse got disciplined by the state Thursday after he allegedly couldn't wait to masturbate.

Lamon Bibbs was in the bedroom with his 4-year-old patient nearby.

That's according to the emergency restriction order (ERO) put on Bibbs license by Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees. The ERO says Bibbs can no longer work in patient's homes or be a nurse without on-site direct supervision.

"Masturbation during a patient assignment while in the room with a patient is below the minimum standard of prevailing nursing practice," the ERO states.

On Dec. 17, while working for All Care Home Nursing Services, the ERO says Bibbs was assigned to care for a 4-year-old disabled patient needing constant home care.

During Bibbs shift, the child's mother heard "sounds similar to pornography" coming from the child's room. She went to the video cameras and saw Bibbs watching pornogrpahy on his phone while masturbating. Her child, his patient, was sleeping only three feet away.

As Bibbs tried to cover himself, the mother asked him to leave.

"When the administrator of [All Care Home Nursing Services] questioned Mr. Bibbs concerning the incident," the ERO states, "Mr. Bibbs stated that he usually waited until everyone was asleep to masturbate, indicating that Mr. Bibbs has previously masturbated while working."


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