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Child care

The Daily World - 3/2/2021

As a parent, I know how essential childcare is for a child's development, parents' ability to work and for our economy to thrive.

Before the pandemic, access to affordable, high-quality childcare was out of reach for too many families. Sixty-three percent of Washingtonians lived in a childcare desert, meaning there were more than three children for every licensed childcare slot, particularly in Grays Harbor.

COVID-19 has only exacerbated this problem as many childcare providers have permanently closed their doors, while parents have lost their ability to pay for childcare.

Parents will need a safe place for their kids to go when they return to the labor market. Not surprisingly, the Washington State Senate Special Committee on Economic Recovery listed the expansion of childcare as its first recommendation for the state's long-term economic recovery.

Thankfully, the Fair Start for Kids Act would expand access to high-quality early care and education programs for thousands of families in our state.

Join me and call on your elected officials to support the Fair Start for Kids Act.

Rochel Padron

Ocean Shores