Balancing Work and Family

Things You Can Do

Balancing Work and Family

  • Have a plan for when your child is sick, so you can stay home or have someone you trust care for him.
  • Have a back-up plan for times when your car is in the shop.
  • Plan mornings so that both parents have time to get ready.
  • Plan evenings so that each parent has a little time to relax after work.
  • Join carpools and play groups when you can.
  • Be firm about bedtimes. Children need lots of sleep and you need the peace and quiet.

Job Schedules for Working Parents

  • Can you work fewer hours, job-share or telecommute?
  • Can you work another schedule, such as 7 am–4 pm instead of 8 am–5 pm?
  • Can you work a compressed workweek—like four 10-hour days, leaving you with 3 days off each week?


In a job interview you cannot be asked about your age, nationality, sexual orientation or disability. You cannot be asked if you are married or have children. If you are asked such a question, ask how it relates to the job. If you feel you are denied a job unfairly, call California Fair Employment and Housing or Americans with Disabilities.

If You Lose Your Job or Can’t Work

  • You can apply for Unemployment Insurance if you have worked in the last 18 months but can’t find a job now. Call the Employment Development Department. Call Employment.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is financial help for people who have to stop working because of a permanent disability. Call Social Security.