Health Care

Things You Can Do

Finding Health Care

  • For health care for people with low incomes, call Medi-Cal Hotline.
  • For low-cost insurance for pregnant women with low and middle incomes, call AIM Program.
  • For low-cost health, dental and vision insurance for children call Healthy Families.
  • Community and county health clinics serve almost everyone, including those who have no insurance or are undocumented. Call Health Care.
  • For information on choosing and using a health plan in California, call Office of the Patient Advocate. Visit

Family Planning

For free or low-cost family planning services, call Family Planning. For more information on family planning, women’s health care and pregnancy decisions, call Planned Parenthood. Visit

Protect Your Wishes

ou can choose who will make decisions about your health care if you can’t. You can also choose what treatments you want or don’t want. Fill out an Advance Health Care Directive. Discuss your wishes with relatives and friends and your doctor. To get the form, ask at your health plan or library.


In an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to a hospital emergency room. You can’t be turned away in an emergency or if you are in labor.

  • If you think someone’s been poisoned, call Poison Action Line.