Ready for School

Things You Can Do

Starting School

  • Call your local school district to find out when your child can start kindergarten. Ask when you can go to a parent orientation meeting.
  • Ask your school district about the skills your child must learn before she can go from kindergarten to first grade. These are called K standards.
  • The school district knows which public school your child will attend. You can ask for a different school if you want.
  • Some schools have a Transition Program to prepare children for kindergarten.
  • All children, grades K t0 12, must show proof of immunization before they can attend school. Call National Immunization Hotline.

Help Your Child Do Well at School

  • Make sure your child eats a nutritious breakfast. Pack a healthy snack and lunch. Ask about free or low-cost breakfast and lunch programs.
  • Make sure your child has regular health and dental checkups.
  • Keep your child out of school when he is sick.
  • Ask your child about his day at school.
  • Know who your child’s friends are and invite them over.
  • Get to know your child’s teachers and his friends’ parents.
  • Help out in the classroom, library or playground.
  • Join a parent group, like the PTA or School Site Council.
  • Attend Back-to-School night.
  • Provide a quiet space with good light for homework. Help your child with homework or find help if it is needed.
  • Have your child help with chores, but also give him free time.
  • If your child seems sad, fearful or withdrawn, speak to his teacher or doctor or see a family counselor.