Tips for Teen Parents

Things You Can Do

Take Care of Your Baby and Yourself

  • Eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest.
  • Ask family and friends for help when you need it, especially when you have big decisions to make.
  • Do something nice for yourself every day. Have someone you trust care for your baby so you can take a break.
  • Stay away from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. If you can’t stop, get help.
  • For activities and services for teens, call Youth and Teen Services.


  • Call the confidential teen hotline Nineline.
  • If you’re feeling really depressed or think you might hurt yourself, call Suicide Hotline.
  • If you are worried about your child’s safety, call Child Abuse Hotline. Never shake or hit your baby. It can cause brain damage and even death.
  • If you are in a hurtful relationship with your partner or a family member, you can get help. For your sake and your baby’s, call National Domestic Violence Hotline or National Sexual Assault Hotline. Visit or

Not Ready to Be a Parent?

  • Think carefully about what’s best for your baby and what’s best for you.
  • Talk with people you trust and with your health care provider or a preg-nancy counselor. Call Family Planning or Adoption and Foster Care.
  • You can give your baby up confidentially in the first 72 hours after birth. Call Safe Arms.