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LETTER: Reader thinks Trump has personality disorder

Peninsula Daily News - 9/28/2020

Like many other mental health professionals, early on I started to wonder if President Trump might have a serious personality disorder.


Because he lies repeatedly, he has a super inflated opinion of his own capacity, he is demeaning to people who he deems "losers," seems incapable of normal empathy and denies personal responsibility for the consequences of his actions or inactions.

I have never met the president but based on my professional background I believe he is unfit to lead our nation.

My opinion is based on my career as a teacher of psychology at Peninsula College and as a licensed psychologist and therapist.

I taught personality theory classes for many years and diagnosed personality disorders in my clinical practice.

A group of respected professionals in the field of psychology and psychiatry have released a film explaining the concerns they have about Donald Trump.

Regardless of what you think of his policies, I urge you to go to and learn what mental health professionals understand about our president.

Mary Wegmann

Port Angeles