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LETTER: Responses to pro-church letter is 'saddening'

Chilliwack Progress - 3/6/2021

It's alarming how many keyboard warriors feel qualified to discern the validity of other people's experiences.

"Bell: Let's Talk" day draws massive amounts of empathetic social media posts to raise awareness about mental health. Yet a month later when (letter writer) Ms. Parpatt writes that she is "deeply discouraged and depressed" because of church closures, strangers in the comments section spring to action to invalidate her feelings.

It is worth noting that Alberta has kept churches open with COVID-19 protocol in place to support the mental health of those requiring in-person worship.

They also closed restaurants for last two months while restaurants remained open in B.C. There is not one correct path through this.

The lockdown has impacted the mental health of many for a variety of very real reasons. I am saddened by the comments attempting to shame Ms. Parpatt for her unfortunate experiences. Even online, we must remember to "be kind, be calm and be safe."

Jen Chiasson

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