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  • TX HB 1 - Joan Huffman
    General Appropriations Bill.
    05/29/2023 - Signed in Senate-Art III Sec 49a Tx. Const.
  • TX HB 681 - Paul Bettencourt
    Relating to the provision of virtual education in public schools and to certain waivers and modifications by the commissioner of education to the method of calculating average daily attendance in an emergency or crisis for purposes of preserving school district funding entitlements under the Foundation School Program during that emergency or crisis; authorizing a fee.
    05/26/2023 - Returned from the House for further action
  • TX SB 1518 - David Cook
    Relating to the establishment of a terrorist offender registry and to the supervision of those terrorist offenders; creating criminal offenses related to terrorism.
    05/29/2023 - Sent to the Governor
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